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Track Opening 7th July (updated 25th July)

Track Opening 7th July (updated 25th July)
Mike Neighbour

The Military Stadium will reopen for training on Tuesday 7th July 18:00 to 20:30.

AFD Military Stadium usage plan and Risk Assessment

Introduction. The folllowing instructions set out for AFD usage for the Military Stadium. The over all conditions are those set out by Aspire as below.

These instructions are written to reduce the risk of athletes of athletes, coaches and officials.

The virus can be spread through touch or by airbourne droplets, with this in mind the following has been written.

Aspire Stipulations:


  • Maintain Social Distance requirements
  • Do not enter facilities or attend sessions if you are required to self-isolate
  • Arrive at the specified time and leave upon the end of your session to avoid unnecessary gathering and distancing issues with other users
  • Help us keep the facilities clean and tidy take away rubbish where possible or place it in the bins provided
  • Maintain good hand washing hygiene throughout your visit and do not touch items where possible
  • Arrive prepared ready to play/participate. Shower and change at home.
  • Bring with you enough fluid for the activity and conditions
  • Take hand sanitiser with you
  • Risk Assessment for your booking to cover additional controls is required for COVID-19

. Athletics

Pole Vault beds and sand pits are not to be used

Moveable equipment is not available from the stores

Coaching 1:5 is permitted, more than one group of 6 can train at the same time provided they keep separate and maintain social distancing

The stadium stand is not to be used

The throws cage is not to be used

AFD Additional requirements

Car Parking. Car park 6 between the Stadium and the Garrison Sports Centre is to be used. Do Not use the Stadium Car Park.

Entry Exit to Stadium. Entry to the Stadium will be through the pedestrian Gate close to Garrats Bulding and Exit through the double gates closes to the Car park. The gates will be signed

Training Goups. Athletes will be in their normal squads. Each squad will be allocated an area on the track. If squads are larger than 6 then they will be split by their coach in to groups of 6.

Tack and Trace. All coaches must be register with Aspire, through the AFD chair, with contact details. This data is required for “track and trace” purpose. All coaches must keep a register of athletes attending the session. All athletes amd coaches must submit A covid questionaire, click in link

Equipment: No equipment will be issued by Aspire. Any personel equipment must be brought in and removed after training and be cleaned with a .anti bacterial cleaner.

Hygine. While all athletes should bring there own hand sanatiser with then, hand sanatiser will be at the entry and toilets. Only one person should be in the toilets at any time.

Atheletes Responsability. Athletes will come change ready to train, there will be no changing facilities open. It is the athletes responsabilty to maintane 1 metre distance to all other athletes and coaches. Athletes will contact there coach to say if they are training and ensure there coach has contact details.

Athletes who show any symptoms of Cronavirus should inform there coach and not attend, if you feel unwell during the sesion inform your coach and if neccessary ask your parents to collect you. If you the athlete are required to self isolate please do not attend.

Javelin: Each athleteis to have a single javelin which should be marked with there name. The Javelin must be cleaned with a anti-bacterial wipe before each throw and after use. Athletes must retrive there own javelin and at no time touch another persons javelin.

Shot: Each athleteis to have a single shot. As it is not possable to mark a shot the shot must be retrieved after put. The shot must be cleaned with a anti-bacterial whipe before and after use. Athletes must retrive there own shot and at no time touch another persons shot.

High Jump: Only the AFD bed stands and bar are to be used. While a single athletes may take consequetive jumps, the bed stands and bar must be wiped down with an anti bacterial wioe or spray. The anti bacterial wipe must not be safe to use on the bed. One coach resposable for wipe down and/or anther coach reposable for adjustment of the uprights and replacing the bar.

Parents. As we are not allowed to use the stand, could parents please not enter the stadium.

Finally. Please be patient, If you see any breaking of instructions quietly inform the athlete/coach.

We can get through this together and get back to enjoying our athletics.

Mike Neighbour AFD Chair and AFD COVID virus officer.

25 July 2020

Training groups asembly position are outlined below:

Lead CoachAssemble locationTrack use
AMick WoodsStart (400m)Lane 2/3
BJohn Coe300m startLane 6/7
CStuart BoewellMid Back Straight Outside of TrackLane 5/6
DMark Hyde/ Ian Jennings200m bankingLane 5/6
ETad DickerBanking by rear gateLane 5
FAlan LeiperPole Vault area
GKirsten WalkmanJavlin run up
HVerity SnookStart of 100m inside trackLane 1
IVanessa PintoStadium car parkLane 4
JAdrianstart of 100m stand sideLane 8/9
KGeorge MaleHalf up 100mLane 8/9