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Aldershot, Farnham and District AC

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Track Facilities

Aldershot Farnham and District AC have use of Aldershot Military Stadium, Queens Ave, Aldershot and its Mondo Surface track. Signage around the stadium specify 6mm as the maximum spike length. Some useful information from the Project Manager at Mondo follows:

“The IAAF rules give the max allowable 9mm for track and 12 mm for Long/Triple jump, Pole Vault, Javelin and High Jump. This rule is as old as the hills and does not differentiate for type of track surface.

For Mondo tracks the following are key issues:

  1. The best spike for our surface tend to be shorter because there are no loose granules to get passed as with PU tracks, long spike slow you down( to much traction).
  2. The modern spikes tend to be cone or pyramided shaped. This is as apposed to needle spikes who are old technology and cause damage to the track(use to be discouraged) while they don’t help with shock absorption unlike the other shapes.
  3. The correct spike has the athlete stand on his or her spikes deflecting the surface but not penetrating it. This give all the traction need and increases stride length and therefore speed. At the same time minimising track damage.
    The best spikes are similar to those supplied by the athlete normally changes spikes for event and to adept to body weight.
  4. Spike damage is unavoidable in particular in the Javelin (defined as high stress area by the IAAF). The first few months spike damage is quite obvious as it is a bit like scratching a table top, after a few months its is not as obvious.”