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John Hewitt Club Championships

Mike Neighbour

With the John Hewitt Junior Club Championships fast approaching 29th August, you need to get your entries in fast.

The timetable subject to adjustments depending on entries is:

(*) – straight final depending on no.s
10:30 100m U13 girls heats 10:15 Pole vault all age groups-boys and girls (no U11s)
10:35 100m U13 boys heats 10:15 Long jump U11 girls quadkids
10:40 100m U15 girls heats 10:15 Long jump U11 boys quadkids
10:45 100m U15 boys heats 10:15 Hammer U15 boys&girls/U17 men&women
10:50 100m U17 women final 11:15 Shot Put U15 boys/U17 women/U17 Men
10:55 100m U17 men final 11:30 Javelin U13 girls/U13 boys/U15 girls
11:00 300m U17 women final 11:30 Long jump U13 girls/U15 girls/U17 women
11:10 400m U17 men final 12:00 Long jump U13 boysU15 boys/U17 men
11:20 200m U15 girls heats(*) 12:30 Discus U15 boys/U17 women/U17 Men
11.25 200m U15 boys heats(*) 12:30 High jump U15 boys/U17 women/U17 men
11:30 200m U17 women final 13:30 Javelin U15 boys/U17 women/U17 Men
11:35 200m U17 men final 13:45 Shot Put U13 girls/U13 boys/U15 girls
12:20 800m U13 girls final 14:15 High jump U13 girls/U13 boys/U15 girls
12:30 800m U13 boys final 14:30 Discus U15 girls/U13 boys/U13 girls
12:40 800m U15 girls/ U17 women final
12:50 800m U15 boys/U17 men final
13:00 70mH U13 girls final
13:05 75mH U13 boys final QUADs
13:10 75mH U15 girls final 10:15 Long jump U11 girls quadkids
13:15 80mH U15 boys final 10:15 Long jump U11 boys quadkids
13:20 80mH U17 women final 11:45 75m U11 girls quadkids
TRACK BREAK 12:00 75m U11 boys quadkids
14:20 200m U15 girls final(?) 13:30 Vortex U11 girls quadkids
14:25 200m U15 boys final(?) 13:30 Vortex U11 boys quadkids
15:00 1km walk U11, U13, U15 boys and girls final 14:30 600m U11 girls quadkids
15:00 1km walk U17 men and women final 14:45 600m U11 boys quadkids
15:20 100m U13 girls final
15:25 100m U13 boys final
15:30 100m U15 girls final
15:35 100m U15 boys final
15:40 1500m U13 girls final
15:50 1500m U13 boys final
16:00 1500m U15 girls&U17 women final
16:10 1500m U15 boys&U17 men final