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How is the Money Spent?



As you are all aware the club subscription rates have gone up and now stand at


Age 17 and Over

Age 11 to 16

Age 10 and under





These increase have been prompted by an increase in England Athletics Registration fees as well as a general increase in expenditure.


While the accounts of the club are presented at the AGM, I thought there should be a wider exposure of what we spend.


The figures below show what we expect the main expenditure to be for 2014:


Track hire*













The items marked with an * will basically remain the same regardless of the number of members.  As can be seen from the chart below our expenditure is dominated by track hire.


The estimated income is approx £42000 from subs, with a small amount from other sources.


My conclusion is we have a sustainable situation, but any significant changes in expenditure or income would give us problems.


Mike Neighbour

Chair AFD

Feb 2013