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Hampshire Sportshall League 2020

Match 3, held at the end of January, produced fantastic results for AFD with 1st and 2nd place team rankings and 1st and 3rd place individual performance rankings against 8 Hampshire Clubs and over 212 competitors. U13 boys continued their lead beating Winchester and Southampton to remain ranked 1st place with individual results in 1st, 3rd, 6th,7th and 8th places and U13 girls continuing their 6th place ranking with individual results in 9th,11th,12th and 16th. U11 boys also maintained their 2nd place ranking in the league with individual results in 9th,19th,26th and 30th sandwiched between Southampton A and B teams.

Best performances to highlight were U13 boys Will Bryant coming 1st in Speed Bounce, Shot Put and Standing Long Jump and 2nd in 4 lap; Vidal Pinto 2nd in Speed Bounce, Standing Long Jump and Shot Put; Joshua Mortimer 3rd in Shot Put and Archie Ellis 2nd in Vertical Jump. In U11 boys Stirling Williams 4th in 2 Laps and Milo Driver 2nd in Speed Bounce. U13 Girls Hazel Heydon came 2nd in Vertical Jump, 4th in Speed Bounce and Jasmine Williams 3rd in Shot Put. U11 Girls Tori Waller came 1st in Speed Bounce and 3rd in Vertical Jump and Pippa Greasley 2nd in Vertical Jump and 4th in 2Laps. Well done to everyone, if you want to compete in the next Sportshall competition on Sun 1st Mar 2020 please contact Vanessa Pinto (Team Manager).

 Many thanks