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Guide To Entering Competition


To make athletes and parents aware of the benefits and the many different competitions that are available to AFD members.

What are the different competitions you can enter?


  1. Alder Valley – Girls & Boys
  2. Wessex League Girls & Boys
  3. Southern League – Men and Women
  4. Race Walking Leagues


  1. Border league cross country
  2. Road Relays – Southern and National
  3. Hampshire and Surrey Cross Country
  4. National Cross Country
  5. Cross Country Leagues

Why enter?

  1. Have fun and enjoy Athletics competition
  2. Be part of a Team and gain new friends
  3. Get recognition for all your training
  4. Post a time on the power of 10 and see your improvement
  5. Support the club in the leagues to gain promotion

How to find out about the available events?

  1. Go to the AFD webpage
  2. Click on Fixtures
  3. Click on Summer or Winter fixtures
  4. Click on the event for track & field timings
  5. Find the team managers details on the club information of this website
  6. Click on locations for directions to the event
  7. Write all dates in diary or your electronic calendar
  8. Ensure you have a club vest to compete in along with other club kit, available from Alton Sports in Farnham, see under club information)

What events to Enter?

  1. Speak to the coach about the events that they feel you should enter
  2. At least 2 weeks before the event, contact the team manager to register the events you wish to enter for the chosen fixture
  3. The team manger will confirm both scoring and non scoring athletes for each event
  4. Non availability should be communicated with the team manager as soon as possible to allow other athletes the opportunity to be selected

On the Day

  1. Turn up at least 1 hour before your event to register with the team manager.
  2. Find your team mates as this provides great support and reassurance for both athlete and parent.
  3. Get your numbers and pins (remember to bring you’re safety pins at least 8 are required).
  4. Warm up for your event at least ½ hour before your event.
  5. Remember it is the Athletes responsibility to be at their event at the correct time as they will need to register.
  6. The athlete’s results will be posted on the events scores notice board shortly after the event.
  7. If in doubt and need reassurance always ask the team manager.
  8. Have fun.

After the event

  1. Check out the Power of 10 website for your up to date achievement and UK rankings. Powerof10
  2. Discuss your achievements and experiences with your coach.