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2012 AGM Minutes

21st November 2012, at 1930. Cody Sports and Social Club. Farnborough.



John Lofts (President)

Mike Neighbour (Chairman)

John Delaine (Coach coordinator)

Steve Smith (Treasurer)

Verity (Secretary)

Ray Gascoyne (athlete- Jordie’s group)

Karen McGovern (coach & parent)

Linda Barney (parent)

Richard Booth (coach & parent)

Lynne Anthony (youth coordinator, team manager and parent)

John Hewitt (Coach)

Sharon Pocknee (Membership secretary)


1. Apologies:

Caroline Brockman (Admissions Secretary)

Beth Morse (Club mark coordinator)

Tim Egland (Coach and Team Manager)

Kirsten Workman (Coach and Team Manager)

Roger Moore (Team Manager)

Mike Boucher (Team Manager).


2. Minutes of 2011 AGM were presented as an accurate account of last years AGM. Steve Smith proposed, Mike Neighbour accepted.


3. Chairman’s report.


Mike welcomed everyone, his Chairman’s report will be presented at the presentation evening in January 2013 but noted another successful year for AFD.


4. Treasurers report:


Mike opened with a vote of thanks for Steve’s hard work and sorting out the muddle of last year’s accounts.

2010/2011 last years’ accounts presented and accepted by those present.

Steve noted the main financial change this year was the club’s first year back on the track with full fees payable.


Notes discussed in open forum following presented accounts:

The old supporters account is no longer used.

Coaches means vehicles – always run this venture at a loss.

It was acknowledged the club must continue to try and offer transport for athletes but need to be careful with size of vehicle and with the number of athletes traveling.

Sale of kit now in Alton sports.

AFD only selling beanie hats, socks and hoodies.


Deposit account balance £27,369.21

Current account balance £ 7,843.90


5. Election of Club Officers (proposal 1):

President (John Lofts)

Chairman (Mike Neighbour)

Treasurer (Steve Smith)

Vice Chairman (Clive Aspey)

Coaching Co-ordinator & Safety Officer (John Delaine)

Secretary (Verity Snook)

Officials Secretary (Peter Bennett)

Membership Secretary (Sharon Pocknee)

Child Protection Officers (see below)

Club Development (Beth Morse)



Volunteer Coordinator – Steph Twell

Disability Coordinator – vacant

Junior Coordinator – Lynne Anthony

First Aid Coordinator – Rosemary Blackburn

Club Kit and merchandise coordinator – Mike Neighbour

Admission’s secretary – Caroline Brockman

Joint position Welfare & Child protection officers resignation from Clive Aspey due to changing work commitments. No contact from Roz Gilfrin.

Welfare and Child Protection officer volunteers discussed and accepted at the AGM. Thanks to Linda Barney and Ray Gascoyne for volunteering to take on these roles. Verity will investigate the Safe guarding courses recommended by England Athletics.


John Delaine gave notice of his intention to step down as Coaching coordinator next year, but welcomes the opportunity to work with a successor during 2013.

John Lofts also provided a years notice of his intention to step down as President. He suggested that a President Emeritus position would be welcomed.

The club will be using the terms of reference for posts recommended by England Athletics following the club mark work undertaken by Beth Morse.


All positions with amendments proposed by Richard Booth and seconded by Verity Snook




6. Election of Vice Presidents/Life Vice Presidents:


Nominations for AFD Life Vice Presidents (proposal 2):

John Delaine

Alan Hoyle

John Hewitt

Mike Neighbour

Steve Smith

Mick Woods


Accepted by Lynne Anthony and seconded by Linda Barney


7. Proposed Motions:.


Subscription increase February 2013. (Proposal 3)

U11s increase to £80 a year

U13s, U15s and U17s increase to £90 a year.

Senior and Vets/Masters increase to £100 a year.


Amendment to this for 2nd claim members not using AFD training facilities to be the same as University students living away, pay half annual fees (£50).

All 2nd Claim members who use the coaching and training facilities must pay full fees however, the England athletic affiliation fee will be removed as this is paid for by another club (£80). Proof of current EA affiliation must be provided.

Army to be treated on normal second claim members.

The club would like to continue considering genuine hardship cases on a one by one basis through the coach and two nominated committee members.

John Delaine accept, seconded by John Hewitt.


Formally close AGM meeting. 2046.